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OpenAI Assistants

The OpenAI's Assistants API is designed to help developers build powerful AI assistants capable of performing a variety of tasks. PlugBear makes it easy to connect your OpenAI Assistant to Slack, Discord, and other communication channels.

OpenAI Assistants can be integrated into PlugBear by simply copying and pasting an OpenAI API key. In case you haven't built any OpenAI Assistant yet, check Buliding a Proofreading Bot to build a simple one.


OpenAI requires a paid plan for using Assistants. Check your usage plans and limits on the OpenAI Billings and OpenAI Limits pages.

Getting OpenAI API Key

You need to get or create the OpenAI API key to integrate OpenAI Assistants.

  1. Visit OpenAI API keys page and click the "Create new secret key" button.
  2. Click Create secret key on the dialog to create one.
  3. Copy the created key to use it later.

OpenAI API Keys

Adding OpenAI Assistants

  1. Open PlugBear LLM Apps page and click the "Add App" button.
  2. Select the "OpenAI Assistants" option.
  3. Paste your OpenAI API key.
  4. Select your Assistant to add and click the "Create" button.

OpenAI Assistants List

Advanced Tools

You can utilize the tools to build advanced Assistants.

What's Next

Connect the app you added to communication channels. Check Connecting Channels with LLM Apps for more details. Or, continue reading to learn how to utilize Tools.