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Adding LLM Apps

LLM App is an application developed using a Large Language Model. You can integrate various LLM apps, such as OpenAI Assistant, GPTs, LangChain, or other Open LLM applications.

You can integrate LLM apps at LLM Apps page. The integration method would be slightly different based on frameworks or foundation models.

Supported LLM Apps

  • OpenAI Assistants: APIs provided by OpenAI. It allows you to build an LLM application without writing a single line of code using the OpenAI platform.
  • OpenAI GPTs: Custom GPT builder provided by OpenAI. Although OpenAI does not offer APIs for GPTs, there is a workaround to integrate them with communication channels.
  • LangChain: The most renowned framework for developing applications powered by language models.
  • Python Application: Any LLM application built using Python can be integrated into PlugBear.
  • Anthropic Claude3: Claude 3 is one of GPT's capable competitors. According to Google-backed Anthropic, Claude 3 outperforms the GPT models powering ChatGPT on several benchmark cognitive tests.