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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does PlugBear access my sensitive information?

No, PlugBear only accesses messages necessary for running LLM applications. For instance, it reads messages in a thread where users ask for a response by mentioning @PlugBear. It does not access any other messages.

Q. Does PlugBear store my messages?

No, PlugBear does not store the content of messages, only their IDs. These IDs help link messages across different services. For example, they identify identical Slack and OpenAI Assistant messages, preventing duplication. The IDs are kept in a highly secure database.

Q. Does PlugBear use my data elsewhere?

No, PlugBear only uses customer data for the intended purpose. It sends messages to LLM apps and relays responses back to the communication channels.

Q. What is the pricing model?

The pricing details are available on the pricing page.