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PlugBear is a no/low-code solution for connecting communication channels with LLM (Large Language Model) applications. For example, it enables the creation of a bot for Slack from an LLM app in just a few clicks.

The service consists of three components:

  • Channel: A communication channel through which users interact with LLM apps. e.g., Slack, Discord, or HubSpot
  • LLM App: An application built using a Large Language Model. e.g., OpenAI Assistant, LangChain application, etc
  • Connection: A setup that links a channel with an LLM application.

How it Works

Simply put, PlugBear forwards queries from channels to LLM apps and then relays the generated answers back to the channels.

When a trigger event occurs in the integrated channels, PlugBear receives this event. It then transforms the messages to be suitable for LLM applications and initiates generation. Once the apps complete the generation, PlugBear transforms the results to be compatible with each channel.

This process allows users of different channels to interact seamlessly with LLM applications.


Don't worry, PlugBear neither accesses nor stores any sensitive information. For more details, please refer to the FAQs.

Getting Started

Register for the service at and follow the Get Started guide.